Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - GMM - Global Management in Multinationals

GMM - Global Management in Multinationals

La carrera GMM - Global Management in Multinationals es una de los Cursos de Administración y Administración Pública que dicta la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


El título de GMM - Global Management in Multinationals es el título que otorga la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid para la carrera de Curso en Administración

This is a quarterly course. The course provides business professionals with the confidence to become leaders in business global management, then effectively shaping their careers in their multi-national organizations. This course is companion of the course IBS (International Business); while IBS focuses in business globalization and internationalization, GMM focuses in the operations of the international activity for all management functions in a multinational.

This course has been designed for high potential professionals on a career track to become General or Business Managers in MNC/MNE (Multi-National Companies or Enterprises), as well as leaders for new global business (in the corporate environment) or start-ups (in the entrepreneurship environment). It is ideal for experienced leaders that do not have a background in business administration, then need to understand how the main functions operate in the global context of multinationals. It is also well-suited as a first step for less experienced professionals that wish to begin a career towards business management.
Nowadays, many companies are looking for an international expansion of their business and also many start-ups are born global, in all cases choosing to operate in different countries with their products. In some cases and according to the International Strategy that is the focus of course GMM, they become Multi-National Companies/Enterprises (MNC/MNE), instead of or in addition to simply trading their goods or services in the international arena. The professionals working in a MNC/MNE or willing to become eligible to collaborate with a MNC/MNE, need to understand and get expertise in the specific characteristics of the business functions when operating in a multi-national environment.
Minimum English Level = B2 (First Certificate).

Learning Outcomes:
This course provides a comprehensive and holistic knowledge and practice as well as the useful skills to lead a manager role for all the significant enterprise functions in the context of global business: Strategy, Marketing & Sales, Production & Supply Chains, Accounting & Finance, Organization & HHRR and Research & Development

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